Camping accomodation :

You have chosen to camp on site: your location is included in your registration’s rates.
You’ll install your tent on the meeting’s site, the Domaine Aigoual Cevennes, and you’ll have access to sanitary facilities and a barbecue.
However, for logistical reasons, camping is limited to one tent pitch per pre-entry form. If you are numerous with several tents, you’ll need to fill in as many registration forms that you have tents.

Bungalow accomodation :

No other accommodation than the campsite is included in the registration fee.
Visit the Domaine Aigoual Cevennes website ( to learn about accommodation and amenities on the site.
To book your bungalow, call Karine 04 44 05 23 03 and specify that you want to book in the context of the Cévennes Rod Trip to get special prices which will be offered to you, including housekeeping services as well as sheets and towels.
The number of bungalows is limited (the site is open to other tourists) and reservations have already started: don’t wait to book!

 Bungalows accomodation (Cévennes Rod Trip special prices) - VAT included 
 Bungalow 4 people (1 sofa + 2 single beds)  = 69 € 
 Bungalow 5 people (1 sofa + 2 bunk beds + 1 single bed)  = 80 €
 Bungalow 6 people (1sofa + 1 double bed + 2 bunk beds)  = 90 €

Hotel accomodation :

Family & Spa Hotel (, located in the town center of Meyrueis (800 m from Domaine Aigoual Cevennes) also offers special prices for Cévennes Rod Trip’s participants.
To book a room you can also call Karine at 04 44 05 23 03.

 Hotel accomodation (Cévennes Rod Trip special prices) - VAT included
 2 people room  = 60 € 
 3 people room  = 70 €
  4 people room  = 80 €


Many other hotels can also accommodate you down the town center.


Call Karine to 04 44 05 23 03
Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.