Event T-shirt

The event T-shirt will be on sale on the site.
The indications of sizes that you specified on the pre-entry form
will allow us to determine the amount of T-shirts to print, based on indicated sizes. The price is 15 € per t-shirt.
Warning: if you have not included pre-order T-shirt(s) on your pre-entry form and regulation, you’ll not
necessarily find your size or model available on site!


Upon arrival, a wristband will be given to you. According to the chosen formula (Standard or Deluxe),
it will be of different color. You must keep this bracelet throughout the event.


A refreshment bar will be opened on site during the event.
To simplify organization, we retained the usual
way of selling tokens which will then serve as bargaining chip at the bar.

Respect the environment

The Cévennes Rod Trip is set in the Cévennes Natural Park. Even if we are certain that you’ill be responsible
enough to respect this exceptional environment, we ask you to be particularly attentive to its conservation:
do not throw rubbish through windows, plan a receptacle for cigarette butts, and so on.

Within the site of Domaine Aigoual Cevennes, we ask you to respect the site and the neighbour’s tranquility
who may be tourists outside the event. Spaces allocated for camping are normally green spaces, and pitching
the tent is only allowed for our event. If we want to take advantage of this site in the coming years, we must
respect the place and people.

Any person(s) responsible for breaching the safety’s basic rules inside the site (burn-out, and so on) will be
immediately excluded.

Outside the site and on public roads, thank you to respect the rules of safety and the highway code.


 Thank you in advance for your participation,
and see you on the 1st of September 2018 in Meyrueis!


For any further information, fell free to contact: Sheldon Bardin - +331 (0)6 43 58 63 00